Jacob Cooper

Jacob Cooper is an Amazon and Audible Bestselling Epic Fantasy Author. His first effort, Moon Monsters, was written when he faked sickness one day in first grade to stay home and write. This book received the acclaim of his parents and sits in a black 3-ringed binder somewhere in their basement.

The Dying Lands Chronicle is a planned trilogy in the epic fantasy genre. Book 1, Circle of Reign, marks Jacob's first major effort on the fiction side of writing and is an Amazon and Audible Bestseller. A Prelude to The Dying Lands Chronicle, Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War was released in November 2014. New expanded cuts of both books were released late 2016. Song of Night, book 2 of The Dying Lands Chronicle, is expected summer of 2017.

Aside from writing, Jacob is an accomplished percussionist, pianist, and composer. He enjoys power sports on land and water, as well as spending time with his family.