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Well, tomorrow (12-27-16) is the re-release of Circle of Reign, book 1 of The Dying Lands Chronicle. Upon its initial release in June 2014, Circle of Reign did very well for a self-published book. Through the use of social media, predominantly Facebook, I connected with a large group of potential readers long before the book was released. The ability to connect on a personal level with fans made a big impact in the book’s success. I discovered a love for the daily interaction with so many excited fans and readers. I am better because of them, as are my books.

The process of creating The Dying Lands Chronicle has been a windy one. Perhaps I meant windy, as in not straight, or windy, as i...

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A Shroud of Ice and Time

By Jacob Cooper

An Excerpt/Short Story from Circle of Reign, Book 1 of The Dying Lands Chronicle

(c)2016 by Jacob Cooper

Reign ran her fingers along the vertical surface of the glacier as she walked, the snow softly crunching beneath her steps. The plexus of glaciers stood as the Realm’s northern border, spanning from coast to coast of the Northern Province. Despite the jagged contours, the ice felt smooth to her touch, almost like river stone. The smell of cold—that pure, mineral-rich scent—wafted from the glacier. Why did that scent make her feel so alive, like a burst of energy despite the bite in her lungs taken with each breath? She looked up. The ...

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I recently had a great interview with Ben Hale, author of the Lumineia Chronicles. I discovered Ben’s first book, Elseerian, in 2013 and bought the audiobook. It grabbed me right from the beginning and my family has enjoyed that first series greatly.

You can buy his new book, Flesh of War, on Amazon.

JC: First off, thank you for taking some time with me. I know many of my readers are interested in YA fantasy and since 2012, you’ve had a great run. Congrats! I believe Flesh of War is your 11th book in 3 years. Perhaps we could start with a list of all your works, in order of release.

BH: My first series is titled The Second Draeken War, and contains Elseerian, The Gathering, Seven Da...

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Today on, Circle of Reign is a featured deal in the Fantasy genre! I rarely discount my full length eBooks, but today is a rare day. If you’ve still to check out the #1 bestselling, award-winning book that kicked off the Dying Lands Chronicle, today might be the time! If you choose to pick it up, I’d love to know what you think!

Today I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing J.L. Bourne, an author I discovered several years ago and took a random chance on. I’m very glad I did. His new book, Tomorrow War: The Chronicles of Max [Redacted], is out and already making waves in the dystopian circles. With 105 reviews on Amazon (currently) the book has a rating of 4.8 stars. On Audible, 4.5 stars. It’s worth checking out. Below is my conversation with J.L.

Tomorrow War on Amazon

Tomorrow War on Audible

JC: Congratulations on the release of your new book, Tomorrow War: The Chronicles of Max, and all the success you’ve had as an author. I discovered Day by Day Armageddon about 4 years ago and devoured it. ...

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Recently, I had the great opportunity to visit with Ralph Kern and learn more about him as an author, person, and his hit release, Endeavour, published by Tickety Boo Press. Ralph and I have developed a professional friendship and I’m excited for his success thus far.

You can buy the kindle version of Endeavour here.

The audio version is available through, here.

JC: Congrats on the success of Endeavour! I must admit I found the book on audible because of the narrator (Michael Kramer), which we’ll get to later. As a fantasy writer, I drift often into space science fiction, having read much of Jack Campbell, Kevin J. Anderson, Dan Simmons, and more recently, Andy Weir and ...

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When fans challenge you, great things can happen. Shortly after the release of Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War in November 2014, I got a message on Goodreads from a fan saying he really enjoyed the book and left a review, but that he wanted “more, more, more” of the younger years between Thannuel Kerr and his intended, Moira Albrung. This fan, in particular, liked the awkward teenage years of romance and seeing the characters sort of fumble along as they grow. Even though the story has some of that, I found myself agreeing that a bit more there could have been useful and possibly endearing.

So, I sent him a scene I had been toying with between Thannuel and Moira but never ac...

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I woke up this morning, wiped the sleep from my eyes, and, like many authors, reached for my phone to check the Kindle and Audible sales and new reviews. This requires bracing yourself pretty well, especially as a new author.

It had been a big day on Saturday for Kindle sales and, with a two-day lag on audiobook sales reports, thought that maybe the Audible sales also had a big day. Maybe I even broke 100 sales for a single day, I thought. It would have been a new record for sure, and I thought there was a good possibility of that since Audible had made Circle of Reign, Book 1 of The Dying Lands (narrated by Michael Kramer) the daily deal on Saturday, which no doubt gave the Kindle sales a bo...

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Excerpt from Circle of Reign, book 1 of The Dying Lands Chronicle:

GENERAL ANTIOUS ROAN TORE THROUGH the enemy camps like a vengeful ghost, a maelstrom of steel and speed, moving from one enemy to the next faster than their blood could fall to the earth. I am a sturdy bough rooted deep in fertile soil. His armor had been shed in the forest, searing hot from the flaming pitch with which he had been splashed. Mud and blood were his armor now. I am iron and steel, molded from the fires of adversity. I am life to those behind me, death to those in front. Flesh tore and blood stained his sword. I am Arlethia, and she is me. I am her silent shield, her impenetrable armor, her terrible sword. The gr...

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Being a first time author in the epic fantasy genre, I probably made every single mistake known to all of authordom as far as the approach. I’ve heard lots of ideas on approach since then, including outlining the entire book with what happens in every chapter and why, writing an entire character POV through the end of the book and then going back and adding other POVs, and, the other extreme, having no idea where you’re going with the story but to just write. This, I suppose, is a “purist” discovery writer.

There are advantages I see with each approach, as well as drawbacks. First, outlining the book. With Circle of Reign, I must have


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